Enjoy Rooftop Cinema Club’s New Contact-Free Drive-In Cinema Experience Under The Houston Sky!!!

Enjoy Rooftop Cinema Club’s New Contact-Free Drive-In Cinema Experience Under The Houston Sky‬

Though being in our homes during this global pandemic is the wisest and safest thing to do now, it has been quite common and has decreased opportunities for leisure. With the city of Houston opening their “non-essential” businesses on April 24th a certain theater made it their mission to help change one’s view during this troublesome time.

The Rooftop Cinema remember them? They debuted their new and creative way of watching nostalgic movies with family and friends in 2018. Now with a different, and larger location. Sawyer yards. The company made its debut in 2017, the goal for the business is to help promote others and provide a space for their small businesses and companies to rent out their space to consumers of Houston. Rooftop Cinema has planned out how they’re going to provide entertainment for families while still being precautious and safe.

“We’ve re-imagined our approach to ensure guests have a safe “away from home” experience, from the security of their own vehicles.” – Rooftop cinema. The Sawyer yard provides a drive-in for vehicles the company offers two types of “seating” options central and side-view. For the vastest views and the safest distances.

Central seating is $35.00 and is first come first served with assigned parking. Side view parking is $28.00 which provides an angled view from the left or right side of the screen. Exact parking within the section will be monitored by an attendant to ensure safety.

But what’s a movie without food? Well, you’re welcomed to bring your own but they also provide the standard movie theater snacks as well that is completely contact-less and requires online ordering only, you can also order alcoholic beverages and other food items at the Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. which is also online ordering only.

The movie will be shown on a large ”screen” that’s big enough to broadcast to the audience with no difficulty for viewing. And since they’re not handing out personal headphones like normal the Rooftop Cinema Club has solved that issue with using your own car stereo to transmit the sound! Using FM stereo, you still can enjoy the movie easily with no fears of missing the film. They also ensure that the first show each night is family-friendly so all ages are welcomed! Pricing goes by vehicle no matter the occupancy so grab your ”Quaran-team” and stop by!





Rooftop Cinema Club’s Drive-In at Sawyer Yards
2101 Winter St, Houston, TX 77007.