The World’s Largest Adult Friendly Bounce House Is Coming to Texas!

The World's Largest Adult Friendly Bounce House Is Coming to Texas!

Being an adult sucks big time, and sometimes we’re all just looking for a moment of fun and to forget our responsibilities like the good days. If you’re looking for a place to forget all adult responsibilities look no further! The worlds biggest bounce house is coming to Houston!

With this 13,000 square foot bounce world, there’s no way you can’t let loose and be a kid for a day! With live DJs, a slam dunk contest, and different bounce attractions to play in you’ll have a jumping good time! With never before seen customized attractions towering 32 feet from the ground there’s so much to explore! If you’re looking for a family event this is the perfect attraction, with tickets for all ages Big Bounce America promises to be one of the greatest experiences you’ll have all year! With interactive games, giant slides, ball pits, oversized couches, and a 20-foot tall attraction to climb that’s perfect for the adventurous ones in the family.

With toddler tickets starting at $19 you and your tot can enjoy three hours of uninterrupted fun! Ticket price ranges for children three (3) and under including the parent/caregiver. For juniors to bigger kids tickets start at $28. And there is also a day dedicated to adults too! All three sets of tickets can be used at the three different attractions Big Bounce America has to offer.

From “AirSpace” an out of this world space-themed bounce house filled with moonwalks, inflatable astronauts, and aliens. “Sports Slam” which is all for those who love competition! Filled with dodgeball, soccer, and basketball this is the best place to have a ball of fun! Lastly, “The Giant” this 900-foot long obstacle course is one of the most fun and energetic experiences you’ll have! With 50 different obstacles, there’s no way you can’t have a giant load of fun! Book your tickets now and don’t miss the few days they’re in town!