Vintage Clothing Store In Houston That Ensures Your Look Will Be Out Of This World!

Vintage Clothing Store In Houston That Ensures Your Look Will Be Out Of This World!

Swag, drip and sauce are just a few names that we as people use to describe our style over the past years. Our clothing style says a lot about us, believe it or not. And while brands do not make the outfit, it’s the confidence you carry while wearing the outfit that makes the biggest impact, this un-earthly clothing store will help with creating that confidence for your signature look. Area 52 is a buy, sell, and trade vintage store that ensures your look will be out of this world!

Area 52 is located in the Heights District in Houston Texas. First opened in August of 2018, this location sells many retro vintage designer clothes and streetwear! Including Bape, Supreme, Palace, AstroWorld merchandise, and more! Also including shoes with the most affordable prices in Houston guaranteed!

The owners Christopher Cuellar and Cameron Sparkman started selling vintage clothing in high school around the age of sixteen. From graduation, the two have done pop-ups around Houston continuing to sell clothes to the surrounding area and making themselves known. The two collected clothes until they finally had enough inventory to fill an entire store, accomplishing that goal at the young age of nineteen! “We pride ourselves on having the most unique pieces in Houston and giving the most affordable prices that everyone can afford” The co-owners spoke. The duo makes sure that when you walk in their store you will always be surprised and stumble across many great finds!

Prices start as low as ten dollars! The Creativity behind the name Area 52 stems from the unknown yet controversial Area 51, the two played on the name stating that you never know what you’ll find inside their store just like how no one knows what’s inside Area-51. Entering the establishment, you’ll find the black painted walls and stars coating the ceiling and UFO chandeliers to make the atmosphere match the name! This independent and thriving store has everything you need and more! Be sure to check them out soon and follow their social media @area52htx on Instagram!




Area 52
1802 Yale St. Ste F Houston, TX 77008
Open Tuesday – Sunday