Lotus Seafood gives back to our Houston Heroes!

Lotus Seafood gives back to our Houston Heroes!

During this time of social distancing, it’s been hard for all of us, but the frontliners during this entire pandemic deserve more than just a “thank you” and though we, the citizens appreciate the dedication, the selflessness, and bravery that they have shown during this scary time, a local restaurant here in Houston, Texas are doing more to show their appreciation. 

Lotus Seafood started out as one restaurant and over time it quickly branched out to add three more locations around the Houston area. Including Braeswood, Kirkwood, Pearland, and Veterans. The Seafood and wings quickly became the talk of the town with their entrees. The company prides itself on serving fresh local seafood at all their locations. Their seafood includes trout, tilapia, and catfish with shrimp, crabs, and oysters being their shellfish options. And for the non-seafood eaters, they offer po-boys, Asian noodles, and a variety of chicken wings. Along with their in-house made sauces, from their “Lotus Sauce”, their own cocktail sauce, and last but not least, their best seller “Crack Sauce” one taste of that and it’s sure to have you feigning for more. 

Lotus Seafood uploaded to their Instagram on Sunday informing the Houston area about their “thank you” services to our Houston Heroes. The following post reads “To show our gratitude for your sacrifices we would love to treat you to a meal on us… All we ask is for you to show your hospital badge.” The free meals they’re offering includes three different options. One plate consists of two (2) Fish plus three (3) shrimp and fries. The second plate is Six (6) wings and fries. And the final plate is one (1) whole pound of boiled shrimp

They also state that they’re including parents who may be struggling currently to feed their children due to the school closures. Starting at 12:00 P.M. Lotus is giving away (200) two-hundred free meals by their front door. The meals are first come first serve. You don’t have to bring your child, the only requirement is the parent, they’re also going by the honor system so please be honest and only take what you need, if any. Every Monday they offer popcorn shrimp, on Tuesdays, chicken nuggets, and on Wednesday’s fish nuggets. All meals will be served with French fries and a slice of bread.

Ending the post, they state “In order to continue alleviating some of the strain brought on by the current situation, we will continue assisting the community with these giveaways for as long as we can afford to do so.” Please be sure to take advantage of this offer that’s available at all four locations. 

We, Houstonians appreciate all the frontliners and healthcare workers. And a huge thank you to Lotus Seafood for giving back to the community and showing gratitude. Remember to please stay safe and healthy. And together, we will get through this. #HoustonStrong.