This Anime and Pop Culture-Themed Art Café in Houston Will Leave You Spirited Away!

This Anime and Pop Culture-Themed Art Café in Houston Will Leave You Spirited Away!

Desserts, an irresistible and delicious treat enjoyed by just about everyone. Of course, we shouldn’t eat it every day, and we should try to limit our intake but for your cheat days, there’s a perfect place to get a sweet treat! Honey Art Café is an amazing anime and pop culture-themed shop that creates amazing cookies, macaroons, and mousse! Not only is this a sweet treat shop they also sell coffee, tea, and smoothies. Such as lattes, cappuccinos, americano, and mocha which are all hot or cold options just to name a few.

Honey Art also offers a station where you can decorate your own art! They offer many DIY art options, keychains, sets of two embroidery cards, a star jar, wooden earrings, monstera earrings, and so much more! This place is a perfect place to relax and have fun! They also offer a giant coloring combo which includes a large coloring sheet, larger than life-sized markers, and a whole hour to create whatever you want! Two free drinks also come with this fun experience. For the art experiences, tickets start at $30.00 they have a variety of different things you can try and create, be sure to visit their social media so you can get in on the fun!

All their cookies are either anime or pop culture-themed stemming from Animal Crossing, We Bare Bears, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kaonashi- No Face from Spirited Away! Honey Art café also sells tea, milk tea, and popping boba along with lemonades!

Be sure to check them out today for sweet treats and art pieces to cherish!

Honey Art Cafe
3516 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098