A Black Family-Owned Ice Cream Shop to keep you cool In DC!!!

A Black Family-Owned Ice Cream Shop to keep you cool In DC!!!

It’s summertime! You know what that means, time for cool treats to beat the heat! If you happen to live in Washington, D.C. you may want to check out the hottest spot to cool you down. Southwest Soda Pop Shop! The shop first opened it’s doors in May of 2018, though the father of this family-owned shop has his business long before this sweet shop became about. Darryl Jones, father and a staple in of Washington’s food service industry since 1977, became a manager and later part owner at a local fish house at the Southwest waterfront. In 2015, there was a plan for expansion and renovation to attract companies. Jones, has a share of the property and he decided to make it a family-owned business.

With the help of his four daughters, the business has been successful and has filled the sweet tooth of many customers! This 4.5 star restaurant strives in creating savory ice cream cones, milkshakes, lemonade, smoothies, and more! The shop also sells hot dogs, and other snack foods such as big pickles, chips, and big cookies! And delicious funnel cakes!

Their ice cream flavors include your traditional classics. Vanilla and chocolate. Also serving bomb pops, éclair bars, and magnum bars. With mango and raspberry being their vegan soft serve selections! SodaPop also offers specialty ice cream such as the “ChipWhich” which is one scoop of any flavor of ice cream sandwiched between two big cookies! Don’t forget about the classic banana split and a sweet concoction called “Cake Explosion”! that incorporates one layer of cake, two scoops of any ice cream of your choice, and up to three luscious toppings!

And if you are trying to remain healthier their smoothies are full of fruits and “Boost packs” that’ll ensure your overall well being. Such as protein, B.12, Vitamin C, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Ginseng, Super Boost, and Green Pack! These four sisters have been doing such a stunning job running this business and strive to continue to do so for more years to come! Make sure you visit them soon and meet the sweet family behind the sweet treats!

1142 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024