A New Exhibit Has Arrived Curated From the Iconic Dr. Seuss Classic “Whoville” but With a Houston Twist!

A New Exhibit Has Arrived Curated From the Iconic Dr. Seuss Classic “Whoville” but With a HoustonTwist!

Though we may feel like Christmas has been stolen this year, a new exhibit has arrived curated from the iconic Dr. Seuss classic “WhoVille”, but with a Houston twist! “Hou-Ville” is a fun new experience perfect for families! Located downtown, inside 40 Below, this life-sized whimsical city has many fun workshops and photo opportunities!

Once inside, see the beautiful decorations and the entire city of Who-ville, also including many Houston themed attractions as well! With an indoor ski lodge, an Astro’s themed gingerbread house bakery and many more H-Town references throughout the establishment. 

Santa is there daily, there will be plexiglass between Santa and the kids to ensure safety, as well as all stations being 10 ft apart! The “Hou-Grinch” is there every Friday-Sunday and there all day and every day starting December 18th to the 23rd! While the place is open to everyone it’s only open to 40% capacity to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. The employees are sure to clean up every station so that “Hou-Ville” stays as the fun, enjoyable experience they intended. 

The Dough Cone will also be there serving amazing ice cream. What is Dough Cone? Well, it’s all in the name. Delicious ice cream served in a dough-made cone served with unlimited toppings! Tickets for Hou-Ville start at $40.00 per adult and $20 for kids 12 years old and under, children under the age of 2 are free! No groups of more than eight are permitted, you are moreover not allowed to change your ticket date only the ticket time. Also, tickets are available online only. Check them out soon before this winter wonderland is gone!