Houston, Community Fridges are Here!

Houston, Community Fridges are Here!

Houston, as we all know, we have gone through A LOT. As a city, and as a nation. But, what is always great about H-Town is that we always stick together, and rise as a city regardless of the circumstance. Houston is a great place filled with amazing people, and amazing organizations. Have you ever wanted to know about where you can help this city and its people? We got you covered! Houston’s First Community Fridge is here!

Nina Mayers along with other amazing individuals and organizations have been hard at work bringing community fridges to the Houston area! What is a community fridge you may ask? A community fridge is essentially an open fridge that provides food for a community. What is great as community fridges is that you are able to put food in the fridge, and take out food from the fridge. It’s a unique way to help people in need for free, and help reduce the waste of food.

Houston’s Community Fridge will be stocked with produce from black owned farmers and markets, as well as different organizations and people. What is great about the community fridge is that we can all help in different ways! Nina Mayers and her team have an active Instagram account (@htxcommunityfridges) that are always updating the donations needed, and have guidelines to help make donating an easy process.

The community fridge also has a GoFundMe page that has exceeded its financial goal! Would you still like to donate? Great news, you can! The GoFundMe page is open and all exceeding donations go towards produce and maintenance of the fridge! If you can’t donate food or money, or would just like to do more, you can also volunteer with your time! Nina Mayers and her team are always looking forward to having volunteers! 

ll information regarding food donations, money donations, and volunteer sign ups, can be found through their Instagram page (@htxcommunityfridges).

Houston currently has four community fridge locations!

First Location:
3801 N MacGregor Way
Houston, Tx 77004
Second Location:
D’Hope Services
12131 Beechnut
Houston, Texas 77072
Third Location:
6601 South Braeswood Blvd
Houston, Tx 77096
Fourth Location:
9405 S. Texas 6
Houston, Tx 77083