Houston’s First Black-Owned Drive-In Movie Theater

Houston's First Black-Owned Drive-In Movie Theater

Black-owned businesses have been growing a lot this year and it’s very exciting to see! Many people may not understand the importance this holds within our community but it is groundbreaking to share, inform, and interact with these businesses and the creative genius behind these ideas!

While many drive-in movies are popping up now to make up for the experience of being in an actual movie theater this new black-owned business guarantees It’s a breath of fresh air! Space City Shows, owned by Khairi Sharif making it the first black-owned drive-in movie theater in Houston!

When asked what inspired him to create this experience for the community he responded “To be honest adversity. Since COVID started, it has been a lot of adversity in the world whether personally or worldwide. I just wanted to give people some relief and happiness. Along with all that, people needed some form of hope or inspiration (especially black people). When you can look at someone like you doing something productive or different, you know that it’s possible for you as well.” It is very important for us as black individuals to see each other thrive and it’s empowering and motivational! He ensures Space City Shows will relax you while under the Texas stars.

The venue offers food trucks and has DJ’s there to make the experience even more fun before the movie starts. The large space accompanies more than enough vehicles and the screen large enough to be seen from any angle! To hear the movie the venue gives you a radio station so that you can listen in your car! It’s perfect for family-including children, friends, dates, and even quality time with yourself.

The company ensures that it offers an escape for movie-goers and will provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone! The movies offered this weekend is Love Jones, Love & Basketball, Friday, Shark Tale, and Forrest Gump. Tickets start at $30.00 be sure to subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates, specials, andgenius behind these ideas!

Support this new black-owned business and spread the word!

Space City Shows
2300 Runnels Street, Houston, TX 77003