Zero Latency is the First Fully Immersing Free Roaming Virtual Reality Experience in Houston!

Zero Latency is the First Fully Immersing Free Roaming Virtual Reality Experience in Houston!

Are you looking for the ultimate video game experience Houston? Something new? A game that makes the experience so real it feels like you’re actually there? Virtual perhaps? Look no further, Zero Latency VR has arrived! Zero Latency is the first fully immersing free roaming virtual reality experience in Houston! There are currently only ten in the United States alone, and thirty six worldwide! 

Zero Latency is a fun virtual experience for gamers, and anyone looking to have a good time! Throughout the game, you can talk with your team, see each other, work together and embrace taking part of the action!

When taking part in the game, you are so immersed in the action, you are free to roam around, jump, and hide! It’s a totally different experience from a virtual reality at home. Not only do you have the goggles, but you are fully equipped depending on the game you have decided to play.

To experience Zero Latency you have to be at least thirteen years old and above. Every player will carry a fifteen pound backpack, along with the weight of the gun used for the game. Age restrictions also apply to the game being played.

Each game is approximately fifteen minutes long.  Zombie Survival, Farcry, Undead Arena, Singularity are just a few of the wide range of games offered at Zero Latency.

Due to COVID, Zero Latency has taken measures to keep every player safe. They are fully sanitizing and disinfecting all equipment used to play VR. They are also disinfecting customer areas such as lobby and restrooms, and personal equipment for staff. Social distancing is also taking place, along with reducing capacity to have plenty of time to sanitize after each game! All bookings should take place ahead of time and online.

Zero Latency Houston
12143 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77079